L to R: Christiana Flessner, Exec Dir, Canadian Wheelchair Foundation, Dr. Maria Sotelo-Mundo, PhD, Dr. Rogerio Sotelo-Mundo, PhD, from the Rotary Club of DesiertoHermosilloSonoro, Mexico, Sandy Wightman, Semiahmoo Rotary, Anna Sotelo-Mundo.
A special visit from our Rotary friends from Hermisillo, Mexico, who have been instrumental in the very successful partnership between Semiahmoo Rotary and the Desierto Rotary Club in the distribution of almost 500 wheelchairs in the Hermisillo, Sonoro, Mexico area over the past four years. Dr. Sotelo-Mundo presented a video outlining the impact of the wheelchairs on the lives of the disabled. Sandy Wightman announced that Semiahmoo Rotary had received approval for a $6000 District grant that will go towards the Club's third trip to Hermisillo next year for wheelchair distribution.
3 Amigos
L to R: Steve Frishling, President, Semiahmoo Rotary, Dr Rogerio Sotelo-Mundo, Desierto Rotary Club Hermisillo, Sandy Wightman, Semiahmoo Rotary. Friendships derived from Service Above Self. Sandy has co-ordinated the last two trips to Hermisillo for wheelchair distribution, working closely with Dr Sotelo-Mundo, and Steve accompanied Sandy and 8 other Rotarians and Rotaractors on the last trip in 2014. Sandy will once again lead a group to Hermisillo in 2016 for wheelchair distribution.