"It was extremely enjoyable but not necessarily a happy trip as we saw many sad situations that we have literally no control over. However we came back better for it."

The trip Started on Thursday and everyone drove down from San Diego. Thursday afternoon some of us were treated to a guided tour of The Fox Studios located just south of Rosarito. This is were the Movies Titanic & Master & Commander were filmed. It was very informative. We expected maybe 1 hour but it was closer to 3 hrs.

On Friday we all went to the Breakfast meeting of the Rotary club of Rosarito. They reminded me of our club, but smaller (17 members?) and was Mexican.

After breakfast they took us to a local Woman's Shelter run under Mother Teresa's Mission. We gave our 4 wheel chairs to 4 of the women who desperately needed them. This also set the tone for the rest of the trip.
Just a few notes from President Barry

The next stop was a senior's home that looked nothing like a senior's home here. It was also both men & women. We gave out between 20 & 24 Wheelchairs at this location and at the end we stilled needed 3 more.

The local Roraty Club provided dinner for us at one of their member's home, complete with entertainment.

Saturday was the big distribution day and was done at Tijuana's City hall. Approximately 100 chairs were distributed by us that day with the balance already either delivered earlier to the person's home or would be done later in the weekend. All three locations were within Tijuana & I suspect that the recipients at City were from all over the outlaying areas.

Saturday concluded with a tour of a local museum and then the group was treated by the Mayor of Tijuana for an early dinner. The details on Saturday night will remain sealed until December 1 .

The last day was Sunday, and some of us had to catch a plane in San Diego, so before breakfast we gave out school supplies for some local kids. Whose of us who did not have to leave immediately went for breakfast, again at a Rotarian's home.

The whole event went so fast, but we accomplished so much. It also very hard to describe all the sites, sounds (the smells were fine) and overall feeling. It's something I would not have missed. Photos will be sorted for a slide show presentation for the club (Dec 01)."

Just a few notes from President Barry