Steve opened meeting at 7:12 amid a lot of noise
Rotary club central city golf tournament - Aug 28 Guildford golf course
National Seniors Day Oct 1 - do we want to participate - no too many people's nap time
Induction: Patty Burke and Randy Taylor
Bill got a special pin for bringing in a new member
Different Larry new Sergeant at arms - talked about a club (weapon) called a shillelagh (?) – he would like one
Many people didn't sign up for their committees so were fined accordingly
Birthdays - No one born this week
Anniversaries – much wedded bliss was shared
Happy dollars - Last ditch fishing/boating effort to rid club of current president
Brenda gave kudos to Ray for stepping up and helping her out
Darren talked about Youth Services - does anyone want to billet out a teen for three months at a time - contact Darren
Amazing Race - Youth amazing race in Vancouver - looking for leaders - if interested in participating contact Darren
50/50 - set up for Scott to win - disputed and overruled
Greg (lawyer) had lawyer friend (Sean) choose his ticket for queen of hearts but the deck of cards is missing so again, a bit of a set up - disputed and overruled - wine was offered in its stead
Rotary thought was thoughtful
Marius doing the introduction of Barry Midler - My Life
Grew up on the right side of the tracks but hung out with the kids from the wrong side in Whalley
Cleaned up his act when he met his future wife Audrey
2 children - Josh and Natasha - and wife Audrey who works at Aldergrove Duty Free Store
Cliff - This is my Life
Dad from Saskatchewan and his mom was a war bride
Graduated 1965 and joined airforce
Volunteers with big brother and cadets for 47 years
Married 45 years to best friend - two children
Joined Rotary in 1984
Joined this Rotary in 1994
Cliff ended with a great story that went in part like this:
There was a black woman with a broken down vehicle standing in the pouring rain down in the southern states that was trying to flag down a ride. Eventually a young man stopped, picked up the bedraggled woman, took her where she needed to go and she thanked him and got his address. A week later a large console TV came to the young man's place with a note attached.
"Thank you so much for helping me out. Because of you I was able to make my husband’s bedside as he died." signed Mrs. Nat King Cole –
International Committee meeting is Wednesday Aug 26 at 7:15 am at the Roadhouse Grill
Meeting adjourned on time